We are a boutique agency based in Berlin with a strong technical focus and a 10+ years track record.

We approach every new project like a start up.

If this would be your own venture and your own money...

What would you do?

What would you focus on?

How would you iterate?

We work for Enterprises
and Publishers like

DB SchenkerVolkswagenTOTALUnicefOsramHandelsblatt Media GroupDeutscher FachverlagPMG Presse MonitorCode RedProfilwerkstatt

We also help start ups
like tchop.io to thrive.

We are not interested in pitches and traditional agency models.

But we are totally into Web3, DAOs and the Future of Digital Communities at the moment.

We make you clapp.

If you want to build something with ­čĺą - give us a ­čô×!

+49 (0) 30 610 73 148